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Gregor Adamczyk – Rebranding for the “new normal”

When youʼre in in-person client services and a worldwide pandemic 
hits, what do you do? You can panic. Or you can rebrand and adapt 
to the new reality around you. Thatʼs what we helped our client do.



Gregor Adamczyk is in the business of people. 
Quite literally, because he works as an executive coach with business leaders, helping them sharpen their leadership skills and open their minds to people on their teams. This, and much more.

The problem we all had

Before working on his new website, weʼd already created the logo and the website for Gregorʼs other project, Next Move.

He was very happy with what weʼd done so far and wanted us to create a new version of his personal website. And he really liked the first designs we created to get a feel of the new visual identity.

But then, COVID hit. And when people around 
the world (including Gregorʼs clients) were told to stay at home, dark and neutral colors seemed to no longer cut it.

Gregor Adamczyk – Rebranding for the “new normal” (4)

The solution we all needed

As peopleʼs moods got darker, what he needed 
(along with his clients and probably every 
single person on Earth) was more light 
and color. But not in a tacky kind of way. 
More in an artsy-fresh-and-clean-feel-good 
kind of way. And he knew we were down for it.

The big idea and all the little
things we came up with

We were looking for creative ways to depict 
the many complex services Gregor Adamczyk
offers. How do you show positive leadership 
without getting too cliche? Or mediation 
in a way thatʼs clear but not too literal? 
(Itʼs so easy to get too literal.) We needed visuals 
that nailed complex topics in concise ways.

Plus, we had to keep in mind that Gregorʼs audience is very demanding. So we didnʼt want to go over 
the top, but what we also didnʼt want was to end 
up with just a “meh” result. Which is oen the case when youʼre looking for the so-called middle ground in design. So hereʼs what we did.

We played with color and gradients to arrive 
at the upbeat mood of the entire website. We ended up creating tens of hand-drawn illustrations for each topic before we picked 
the final ones.

To show the training courses now available online (because: lockdowns and social distancing), 
we designed a little eye icon that went 
together with the rest of the design.

A visual identity that
stands out and lifts moods

What can we say, Gregor Adamczyk’s website is one of those designs we’re obsessed with, and so is our client. (Don’t get us wrong, we generally don’t do things we – or our clients – don’t love.)

Gregor Adamczyk – Rebranding for the “new normal” (8)

Here’s what he says exactly:

What I value the most about working with workshop91 is that they’re bold and also highly professional. After thoroughly analyzing the client’s needs, we all set out on a journey to beautiful solutions created with mutual inspiration and respect.

As a management consultant, I’m a proponent of bold decisions in the face of change. That’s why I’m really proud of the fact that we were able to take them during the tough months of the pandemic. We put an already progressing project on hold to radically rethink how we wanted to look into the future.

I trusted workshop91 to approach it in a fresh and unconventional way – and they were up for it. I was delighted with the depths of their imagination and their craftsmanship. And they inspired me to reflect on my own work and look for new paths.

I’m thrilled that we could find a solution that goes against expected standards. My existing clients appreciated the new website, which also keeps attracting new ones all the time. All of them understand the connection between the brand aesthetics and the quality of the work behind them.

The thing is, Gregor enjoys working with creative minds. And we enjoy working with him because he trusts us to do our thing and is always down for mixing some art into the design. And, maybe most importantly, his clients love the new website, too.

So it’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Let’s create something special together!

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