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SDA – Fresh side of IT world

Graphic design is an applied art. Sometimes the scales tilt to one side, and sometimes it's an act of catching the perfect balance between form and function. And such was the case with Software Development Academy.

Our client needed to create the perfect harmony between modern aesthetics, a website design that accomplishes all of its sales objectives, and an accessible, visual explanation of brand’s mission.



SDA, or Software Development Academy, is a company that offers webinars, meetings and courses for anyone who would like to start a career in IT. With their knowledge and experience, they make this sometimes difficult field easily accessible to explore for anyone interested.

Code of their own

From the beginning, SDA really wanted to stand out from the competition, while remaining recognizable on the market. Therefore, our client decided not to have a new logo design, but to refresh the one that already exists. The previous logo was heavy and as a result not very modern.

An important step for SDA was to move away from the typical for the IT industry dark color palette (with an emphasis on purple and black). It not only used to blend the brand with their competitors, but also gave the impression of coldness and inaccessibility.

SDA – Fresh side of IT world (6)

Keep it fresh

The keyword for our cooperation was freshness. In the case of the logo, we were able to achieve it by slimming down the sign, which gained an adequate lightness and a modern look.
However, the key to achieve the new quality of the Software Development Academy brand was to opt for a very clean and invigorating color palette, unusual for the industry. We chose white as a base color, which allowed atypical and sophisticated blues, greens or oranges to stand out spectacularly.

By implementing those solutions, the entire identity has gained a younger and more inviting character. It has become more accessible to a potential audience who dream of a career in IT.

Match made in heaven

It was a huge challenge (as well as a pleasure!) for us to illustrate programming languages. This is a common meeting point between graphic designers and programmers, but difficult to understand and explain not only in words, but also in a picture. For SDA, we created illustrations to provide a simple and intuitive aids the brand's customers.

SDA – Fresh side of IT world (7.2)
SDA – Fresh side of IT world (8)
SDA – Fresh side of IT world (9)

In addition to visual aspects, the basis of our cooperation was to design a site with a structure that meets all sales KPI's. However, we did not want to use only the most typical solutions, so wherever it was possible, we broke the standard layout.

The icing on the cake of this project – the perfect marriage between the visual and practical side – was the creation of templates and elements for social media. SDA was very keen on a high level of online activity, so it was extremely important to create a broad world of visual elements that our client can easily mix and match to achieve the intended visual and sales effect.

SDA – Fresh side of IT world (10)

Common language

When do you know that the cooperation with the client was fruitful? When we randomly come across our identity while browsing social media or the web. And years after – it still works.

Let’s create something special together!

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