Building brand worlds you want to live in.

how we work


The first step is always a good conversation. Knowing each other is a key to great cooperation. We will ask you about a few things, so that we can prepare our valuation. The rule is simple: the more we know, the more precise it can be. But don’t worry, if you’re not sure what you actually need, we will help you figure it out. It may take some time, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Let’s get serious

It’s time to make it official, so we will send you our contract (or get to know yours), sign all the papers and... start the work! We're flexible when it comes to ways of cooperation. If you're not sure, just ask, and our team will come up with a perfect solution for your current needs! If you need a single contract – great, if you need constant design support for your team – even better! We love our work in all its forms, so don't hesitate to ask what we can do for you.

Getting the basics right

It's time to choose your path! If you already have a strong idea of what your brand is, we can simply create a brief together (but let's be honest: it's never THAT easy) and start right away. If not, don't worry. We work with great strategists who can help you develop your brand from basically ground zero. Usually, we'll suggest a good, old-school workshop in an office or online to lay the groundwork for your new brand identity. We can help you with everything from naming, strategy, tone of voice to customer personas and everything you'll need to define the path. We will be next to you the whole time to make sure that our work will be a perfect fit for your newly born brand.

Crafting the heart

Before we get into details, we have to figure out how your brand actually wants to be seen. We do this by creating the beating heart of your brand: the logo. It's the foundation upon which everything else will stand. It's the signature of your brand that should be easily identifiable, memorable, and long-lasting. Whether it's vibrant and detailed or beautifully minimalistic, we'll assist you in developing the style that aligns perfectly with your brand's desired character.

Key visual is the key

The key visual is what's going to keep the whole identity consistent and recognizable and will help you convey all the information that cannot be accommodated within the graphic mark alone. If the logo is the heart of the project, the key visual is its outfit. It will determine the feel and perception of the brand, event, or product, as well as the look of every element of the identity. It can be trendy or a timeless classic. Whether you want a key visual that will journey with you for years or something that will evolve alongside you, we're here to help as your brand's personal stylist. The character, the colors, the typography... Each piece is a unique part of the project that can help you shape your brand's message.

It's alive!

It's time to bring our ideas to life. You name it, we'll do it. And if not, we know someone who can! As we all know, a good team is far better than one person who says they can do it ALL. We work with amazing programmers, photographers, copywriters, social media managers, and other creators on a daily basis so that you can sleep tight, knowing we have it all under control. Because knowing not only your own strengths but also the strengths of others is the biggest value a studio can have.

It's time to say goodbye (not)

Some projects have a very specific ending point, and that's okay. Others will evolve over time. And if you need us, we'll always be there for you. Website design updates, social media content, new promo materials. Whatever it is, we're always happy to revisit our old projects so that we can make sure that we're still on the right path. Or maybe you'd like to explore some new routes – that's up to you, and we'll be so glad to be a part of your journey.

Let’s create something special together!

Building brand worlds you want to live in.

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