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Lauda – The sound of quality

The work of a graphic designer is not just pure design. It's just as often supporting the client in defining his needs and finding his way. A good designer can not be a tyrant imposing his vision, but a wise guide to the visual world of the brand.

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Lauda Central Europe is a distributor (often exclusive) of major brands of musical equipment for Eastern Europe. It offers products from companies such as Gibson, Martin&Co, Spector and Arrow Guitars.

Lauda is a brand that has been on the market for many years, priding itself on great quality and professional cooperation. Therefore, it was extremely keen on refreshing its image to reflect its actual strengths.

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Searching for their own rhythm

Our client's biggest problem was that he wasn't quite sure exactly what he wanted or needed. That's why we started our cooperation with a series of meetings and a precise brief filled out together.

It was a great pleasure for us, as the brand owner turned out to be an extremely aware and open-minded person. He knew from the beginning that he wanted a top-quality implementation that would refresh and add clarity to the identity.

And with that strong base we helped him identify his practical needs so that the scope of the project fulfills all the brand's requirements.

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From evolution to revolution

For this project, we worked on refreshing the brand's logo. Since our client wasn't quite sure how much he wanted to interfere with its original design, we offered him a scale of options. Starting with subtle changes, ending with an abstract, geometric inspiration from the existing symbol.

It was a great pleasure to accept the choice of our client, who trusted us one hundred percent and decided on the most customized proposal.

It’s all about the details

In order to keep the brand recognizable, refreshed and make it more distinctive at the same time, we focused on the nuances of the identity. For example, we chose a new, juicy, yet sublime shade of orange, which is one of the base colors of the brand.

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Our client wanted to show off the new identity not only in internal or online materials, but also by presenting it externally. The brand's new headquarters is an elegant, minimalist building in a beautiful location. That's why we designed the new brand's pylon in accordance with Gdańsk's landscape resolution.

A modern, minimalist sculpture has also been designed in cooperation with Anna Paluch's architectural studio, currently awaiting completion.

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Sounds about right

Cooperation with the Lauda brand is not only a design, but also a business pleasure for us. Our client turned out to be a very modern, open-minded person who repeatedly surprised us with the boldness of his choices. We are happy that we could help him crystalize his brand's needs and deliver them at the highest level.

Let’s create something special together!

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