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Point of You – Camera, action!

The film industry in Poland not only has a remarkable past but also a vibrantly active present. Among Polish filmmakers, it is easy to find winners of the most prestigious awards in the world of film and advertising. However, what we do not see is, of course, the team of people supporting their careers. Among them is Point of You, one of the largest Polish agencies for film creators.

Point of You – Camera, action! (1.2)

About the client

Point of You is a well-known and respected agency in the Polish market that brings together both young and beginning artists as well as those with many years of experience recognized by top clients and producers. Point of You's portfolio includes not only outstanding directors and cinematographers but also composers, production designers, makeup artists, production managers, and food stylists.

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Point of You – Camera, action! (3.2)

Everyone has the role to play

On the occasion of its 26th anniversary, Point of You decided to refresh its image. The main goal of the transformation was to draw attention to each talent individually, as well as to strengthen the image of the brand itself.

Our task was to design a system that is simple yet sufficiently comprehensive and flexible so that everyone can find their own place in it. Our client often emphasized that it is the creators under the care of Point of You who are in the foreground, not the brand itself.

Simplicity above all

The first challenge in our process was the redesign of the logo itself. Initially, our client wanted the full words “Point of You” to remain in the logo. However, during our collaborative work on the character of the image change, we ultimately decided to design an acronym PoY, which is elaborated in the key visual.

Finding the right balance between simplicity of message and avoiding banality was extremely important in this cooperation.

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Point of You – Camera, action! (7)
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Among the stars

While working on the key visual and the brand transformation, we designed a system that allows creators to stand out as individuals and also be part of a larger whole. During brainstorming, we quickly began to think about the phrase “movie stars”, which is a very clear and simple association for everyone and very pleasant to perceive.

This idea led us to the Milky Way, more precisely to constellations. We started to think of talents as individual stars, each with its own character and features, which shine brighter when combined. This idea also correlates very well with the name of the agency itself, Point of You. As a result, working with lines and dots became not trivial but, on the contrary, allowed for a lot of freedom and flexibility; the symbolism is very close to people.

About the result

A well-executed project is not just about creative, aesthetic, and practical visual aspects. It is also, and perhaps most importantly, about good relationships with the client and everyone involved.

Working with Workshop91 was perfect. From start to finish, their professionalism, creativity, and understanding exceeded my expectations. At every stage of the project, the Workshop91 team demonstrated not only excellent industry knowledge but also attention to detail and individual client needs. Their commitment and passion for creating our image were evident at every phase of the project. Collaborating with Workshop91 is not only about excellent service quality but also about a partnership based on trust, professionalism, and exceptional creativity. I recommend them to anyone who wants to entrust their image into good hands!

Let’s create something special together!

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