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Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design

When you work in an industry that values both aesthetics and function – like architecture – your brand has to live up to the standards, too. We know that all too well.

So when the Wydmy design studio asked us to help them with their brand identity, we were on board for the cruise. Quite literally – because the love of the sea was another thing we had in common.

Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design (1)


Wydmy is a design studio specializing in 3D architectural visualizations. They create complex digital models of apartments, buildings, and other spaces. Located by the sea – which is something they highlight in their communications – they’re heavily inspired by nature (hence their name, which in Polish translates directly as “dunes”).

Looking for an evergreen logo

Brands come and go, but remarkable brand logos stand the test of time. Wydmy needed a new brand identity they could identify with in the long run – minimalistic and straightforward, but also memorable. They also wanted it to remind people of the sea, waves, and the wind. And, of course, dunes – their brand name.

Since their clients are people who pay attention to design (that’s their job, after all), they wanted the quality of their work to show at first glance – the moment you see their logo.

A brand that speaks for itself

We love working on new visual IDs for brands that get it. So when the team came to us with some ideas of their own, we quickly knew what we were looking for. Though we presented several concepts, we all seemed to like one the most – and that’s now Wydmy’s logo.

Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design (4)

We needed something that was fresh but also kind of familiar – something you feel you maybe saw somewhere once, but that’s not boring or repetitive. And something everyone can read their own story into. And that’s what we went for.

Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design (4.2)

More done with less

After some brainstorms and discussions with Wydmy’s team, we created their new visual identity. The process was sheer pleasure – and they loved the result.

The new logo is a direct reference to the sea and dunes, while also being a monogram containing the letter “W”. Plus we created an animated version of it. Our team also designed their website, clean and minimalistic like the logo, showcasing the studio’s work and giving it the attention it deserves.

We had lots of fun designing the business cards. The client went for a deluxe option with different textures, making the cards mini works of art in their own right.

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Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design (6.2)
Wydmy – Riding the wave of good brand design (6.3)

A brand that lives and breathes the seaside

The new logo and visual identity turned out to be all that the client had hoped for, clearly placing their brand on the map, right by the sea, where they belong. Which they confirm themselves:

Our logo has everything we asked for: it brings the sea to mind, and it’s timeless. It was like hitting the jackpot.

The project itself went smoothly. Since the workshop91 team were able to understand our needs so well, it didn’t take long to create the logo, business cards, and the entire brand book.

Creating the visual identity was an important step we needed to take for our business – and we’re grateful for taking it with workshop91 by our side.

Today, Wydmy’s brand is easily recognizable in the industry, drawing new clients in with a promise of high-quality design work they know they’re going to get.

Let’s create something special together!

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